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A Buyer’s Story

“In 2010 my wife and I were frustrated with our realtor and ready to give up our search for a Portland area home. Luckily we decided to give it one more shot before heading home empty handed. We called Patrick Sheehan and that’s when our experience changed.

“Patrick told us to schedule another trip to the area, but this time he would personally make sure that we found the home we were looking for. In the following weeks we were in constant contact. He asked us questions and helped us consider things that we hadn’t ever considered when buying a house before. He not only zeroed in on the features that we wanted in a house, but also helped us to consider the neighborhood, school district, market conditions, and financing options available.

“When we came back for our second house-hunting trip, Patrick had lined up several different houses for us to look at. He had them all listed out on paper, had MapQuest maps for each one, and had studied the “comps” for each property on the list. He personally drove us from house to house and was a wealth of information along the way. He pointed out both the good and bad things about each house and was instrumental in helping us make the right decision. I’m convinced that there’s not another Realtor who knows more about the area or who is more “Plugged In” than Patrick.

“Once we decided to make an offer Patrick really proved his value. He drew up the paperwork and handled the offers, counter offers, and counter, counter offers with calmness, grace, and professionalism. Patrick was able to convince the developer we were working with to go through the VA certification process just so my wife and I could get the loan and financing terms that we wanted. The developer even thanked him for doing so!

“We closed on our home shortly thereafter and have been living here happily for the past 2 years. It really was a pleasure working with Patrick when buying our home. I know we would not have gotten the home we wanted for the price that we did without his expertise. We are eternally grateful to Patrick for his help and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional Realtor.”

          – Jeff and Sara J, Clackamas